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Proven strategies to increase leadership capability and drive ICT performance as a strategic leader.

Brochure: http://liquidlearninggroup.com/documents/ALI0516A/ALI0516A_W.pdf

Liquid Learning is delighted to present the Advanced Leadership for ICT Professionals Workshop 2016. This 2 Day workshop will assist ICT professionals in transitioning into a leadership role by providing skills, methods and practices for developing leadership acumen.

• Establishing trust and achieving commitment from your team, and buy-in with relevant stakeholders
• Leading with authenticity and purpose to motivate your team to focus on results
• Fostering a positive workplace culture of accountability for improved performance
• Understanding the power of positive language and the challenging conversations leaders must have
• Leading change to add strategic business value
• Understanding your personal traits to positively change your leadership performance
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Liquid Learning provides business leaders with the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences with regard to performance improvement across a variety of functional areas. These professionals convene to collectively consider solutions to problems and respond to the pressures created by the changing business environment. This process allows participants to consider previously unseen alternatives, refine their approach and commit to actions that will enhance their performance to better serve clients and stakeholders.

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