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Excelsia College is proud to be partnering with one of the world’s top film schools, Sydney Film School, to deliver Australia’s newest film degree the Bachelor of Screen Production. The degree offers a unique model of training inspiring students to create rich and meaningful filmmaking with International Award-Winning Lecturers and Mentors.

The program is delivered by Sydney Film School and Excelsia College at the two campuses, with the program accredited and qualifications provided by Excelsia College.

The Bachelor of Screen Production is 2 years full-time (6 trimesters). It is a third-party arrangement between Excelsia College and Sydney Film School. The course will be taught by Excelsia staff (of whom many are also SFS lecturers) and is subject to Excelsia’s policies and procedures.

The course is taught at both the Sydney Film School Waterloo campus (two days) and Excelsia’s Macquarie Park campus (one day), which means that students will need to travel between these campuses during the duration of the course. Students won’t normally be required to travel between the two campuses on a given day. Travel time is approx 25mins by car and one hour by public transport.

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Sydney Film School was founded to teach the essential filmmaking ‘tools’ necessary for a successful career in the global film industry. It is an intense training experience where our students learn how to be filmmakers. Through producing and crewing a significant number of films, students gain both the skills to be employed by the industry and create their own productions. Since Sydney Film School’s inception, alumni have gone onto successful careers across the planet and create a network for new students to build relationships with.

Hollywood based Variety Magazine has awarded Sydney Film School its top film schools for 2020 accolade. Chosen from film training institutions across the globe and the only Australian film school to be awarded.

Sydney Film School is located at Waterloo Studios. Waterloo Studios house state of the art facilities and equipment including a sound stage, cinema, movement studio, training rooms, production offices, postproduction mastering suite, editing suites and animation pods. 

We have significant partnerships with international film & acting industry heavyweights. In fact, we work with some of the best production companies in the industry who use our facilities for film & TV shoots. Our students are offered opportunities to be part of these productions wherever possible. ...

Sydney Film School
242 Young Street, Waterloo, Australia 2017
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