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The Diploma of Screen and Media is a foundational acting course that will provide you with the skills required to begin your development as an actor. The Diploma is a one-year course; completed over three 13-week semesters, four days per week.

This acting course course provides the foundational skills and knowledge required to perform as an actor, in a wide variety of contexts in the contemporary screen and electronic media industries. This includes work in television, film, special effects performance, web-projects and voice-over.

Throughout this intensive year of training, you will above all develop your creative habit; whilst cultivating strong skills in core acting techniques, voice, movement, working with text, research and improvisation. Throughout your training, you will identify your existing strengths as an actor, your areas for improvement, and gain the appropriate tools and exercises to take your acting to the next level of performance.

Parallel to your acting and skills classes, you will also undergo training in Technology Craft – a subject which explores the actor’s relationship to all personnel involved in production and post production. The emphasis of this training is on the integration of technical and creative abilities to develop your skills in camera operation, lighting and sound – giving you the capacity to conceive, write, and produce your own creative work.

Throughout the Diploma, students will work within all aspects of screen performance. In the highly competitive film and performance space, actors must be versatile and even more multi-skilled to sustain a career. This course thus prepares our students for that reality.




Feb 09, 2021 - Dec 10, 2021
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 09:00 AM — 05:00 PM
No. of Days: 4
Total Hours: 20
No. of Participants: 16
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Sydney Actors School has a clear vision; we are about providing the most personalised, hands-on, practical training in acting in the World. We are a Sydney based acting school described as a creative hub for actors and musical theatre performers. Sydney Actors School is the premier acting school in Sydney offering acting courses at a diploma and an advanced diploma level.

Simply, we have gathered the best teachers from across the globe, who have assisted in launching the careers of industry icons in Australia, Hollywood and internationally to teach our acting courses here at Sydney Actors School.

Being new, means we can be cutting edge. We break new ground all the time and encourage our students to push the envelope in all their acting work. Being the best means taking risks and taking risks requires courage, that’s why we are a selective program. We look for students who are committed, excited and strive for the highest standards. This makes everyday a Sydney Actors School enjoyable.

Sydney Actors School’s facilities provide real production environments for learning, undertaken in tailor made film, sound and production studios. A purpose built fit out means students have access to state of the art studios, cutting edge equipment and technology whilst they are trained in stage and screen methods of acting. Sydney Actors School’s students become expert storytellers. They graduate being masters of their art and having what it takes to be leaders in their chosen field of acting. ...
Sydney Actors School
242 Young Street , NSW, Australia 2017
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