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In an ideal world, every musician in the world would do this course! There are so many musicians who have been struggling with music for years and years, yet, they have never learned these simple [very important] things which completely change the way that you look at music and the way that you express yourself as an artist. Unlike private lessons and many other courses out there, our Music Fundamentals program will give you a completely solid foundation in music, from theory and harmony, to philosophy, styles, structure and self-expression. It's a very enjoyable and enriching course which will help you in all aspects of art, music and self-expression in general.
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Westside Music College is a provider of world-class in-house and online courses in music production, DJing, audio engineering, sound design, music business, singing, vocal arts, songwriting, composition and more.
Westside Music College Pty Ltd
Perth, Australia
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