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If you're ready to start DJing but you're not getting anywhere on your own and you want to spend more time DJing rather than looking up YouTube videos, Westside's Pro DJ course is the ultimate way to fast-track you into the DJing. Unlike learning online or learning from your DJ mates, this is an exclusive opportunity for you to learn from world-class DJs and music producers who will take you from zero, to the stage you're ready to start DJing at live events or professionally mixing your own music. Whether you want to make a killing playing at live events, or you just want to be able to mix your own music on your own, we want to give you all the help, wisdom, skills and experience you need to become a professional DJ.

*In this course, you will be given tons of opportunities to start DJing at one of our local venues! This is a great way for you to slowly build up your confidence in the live scene and get all the experience you need before you go after bigger events.

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Westside Music College is a provider of world-class in-house and online courses in music production, DJing, audio engineering, sound design, music business, singing, vocal arts, songwriting, composition and more.
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