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Posting Guidelines

To maintain the quality of learning information that we provide to learners who use SpeedyCourse, here are our Posting Guidelines:


  1. With the current free posting period, you're allowed to post any number of courses. However, posting the same course multiple times to keep it at the top of the recently-added list may be considered as spam and may be removed by our community admins without prior notice.


  1. Start Date and End Date should be the actual duration of the course, not the duration of the posting. You're allowed to post multiple schedules per 1 posting; your posting will remain active until the end of the last posted schedule. If you would like your posting to remain active for an indefinite period of time, please check the "Dates to be announced" box .


  • Instead of reposting, we highly recommend to simply update the schedule and venue of your old course postings as these have already collected valuable data, such as pageviews, which can boost them to be included the “Popular” or “Trending” Courses lists.


  1. To make your posting easier to read and more helpful for learners, we recommend that you refrain from including excessive information or overboard promotional details on your posting.


  1. Also refrain from putting other details (e.g. date, venue, etc.) as well as exclamation marks on the course title.


  1. Please note that the following are not allowed to be posted on the site:
  • Preschool, grade school, high school, Bachelor's, and Master's degree programs
  • Job or internship ads
  • Advertisements for products and other services (e.g. translation services, consultation services, etc.)


We will be removing postings without prior notice if we think they do not follow any of the above-mentioned guidelines.

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