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The Effective Communication Skills workshop presented by Aptitude Management is the ultimate course for managers desiring to become more effective in communicating with others. It’s a fact that better communicators are naturally better leaders.

Course Outcomes

  • Discover the various personality types and their communication preferences, the core of element of communication.
  • Learn to adjust your own communication approach based on who you are dealing with at any one time.
  • Gain a strong understanding of what barriers to effective communication are and how to rapidly move past them.
  • Discover the body language secrets of the best communicators and how to immediately begin using them to your own advantage.
  • Learn about the power of using an effective tone of voice, pitch and speed when looking to persuade others.
  • Learn about effective listening techniques and the power of making others feel heard.
  • Discover the power of asking strong open ended questions.

Attendee Framework

All Aptitude courses are conducted through our attendee framework consisting of:

  1. Workshop booking consultation
  2. Trainer led skills gap analysis
  3. Tailored participant training plan
  4. Post workshop coaching

Further Details

In this workshop you will learn strategies for overcoming communication barriers and essential skills such as active listening, assertive voice tone, investigative questioning techniques, mirroring body language and a whole lot more.


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Aptitude Management specialises in corporate training and development with courses specifically designed for mid-level leaders.

We provide workshops Australia wide covering Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Subjects include
  • Leadership development

  • Staff supervision

  • Delegation training

  • Workplace coaching

  • Communication

  • Influence & persuasion

  • Conflict management

Aptitude Management also provides inhouse tailor made training programs.

Custom made training begins with a brief conversation with an Aptitude representative.

Point of Difference - Attendee Program Framework

All our management training courses include the following:

  1. Workshop booking consultation

  2. Trainer led skills gap analysis

  3. Tailored participant training plan

  4. Post workshop coaching

Please contact us for course schedules.

Aptitude Management
Sydney, Australia 2000
1800 753 087
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