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BSBSS00090 Quality Auditing Skill Set

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This qualification is designed for anyone who wants to build a career in auditing. You will gain the skills to understand the entire audit process report on feedback and facilitate continuous improvement. This course will give you the experience and assistance to take your audit skills to the highest level.
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A career in real estate can supercharge your life; but the steps involved in STARTING your career, and then STAYING ON TOP OF YOUR BUSINESS AND COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS can be intimidating.

Where should you begin? What training do you need? And how can you grow and nurture your business through industry highs and lows?

At Apex HR, we help NEW and ESTABLISHED real estate professionals stay on top of their game.

If you are just starting out, or need to upskill, our ACCREDITED TRAINING COURSES are ideal. They’ll boost your progress through the real estate industry, and help you progress your career as a sales consultant, buyer’s agent, vendor’s advocate, administrator or marketing co-ordinator.
If you’ve been in the industry a while and are ready to AMPLIFY YOUR PRODUCTIVITY we’ve also got you covered. We offer a broad range of training, advice, governance and compliance services that are especially designed to keep established real estate businesses on track for success.

Talk to Apex HR today to find out how we can help you to:

  • Acquire an accredited real estate qualification
  • Grow and develop your business
  • Stay on top of regulator scrutiny
  • Understand governance and compliance issues
  • Conduct internal audits. ...
Apex HR
Vicinity Centres | Chadstone Tower 1 Level 8,1341 Dandenong Road Chadstone VIC , Chadstone , Australia 3148
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