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MST20216 Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology MST30819 Certificate in Applied Fashion Design and Technology

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In-Person / Training


Online Course Delivery


Our online courses are delivered through group conferencing with two hourly tutorials. Sessions are held once weekly for the duration of the course and follow the calendar below. Students have access to the Atelier Student Management System to access their Study Guides, Work Books, video links, resources, and Assessments.  Students have access to tutors by phone, email, and WhatsApp video conferencing between sessions.


Calendar for both online and face to face courses.


Atelier Calendar ‘School dates and holidays’,


Term 2: Tuesday 14 April – 26 June (10 days break).


School Holidays: Saturday 27 June – Sunday 12 July


Term 3: Monday 13 July - 18 September


School Holidays: Saturday 19 September – Sunday 4 October


Term 4:  Monday 05 October – 18 December


Atelier dates are aligned with the Victoria Australia school terms.


May 18, 2020 - May 25, 2020
No. of Participants: 4
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Atelier Melbourne provide Vocational Education Training Certificate courses in fashion and design to individuals interested in working in the fashion industry. We are a unique and boutique school in the heart of Brighton Melbourne. 
Atelier Melbourne
425 Bay Street Brighton, Brighton, Australia 3186
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