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See full course details on our website here: https://www.apsi.edu.au/courses/hospitality-courses/diploma-of-hospitality/

The Diploma of Hospitality Management has a strong focus on management skills such as planning and execution with a service-oriented approach as which applies to hotels and resorts worldwide.

The Diploma integrates a range of nationally registered vocational units (training package). Students are also able to enjoy the practical classes in our Function Centre (East Perth Function Centre), as well as in our partner hotels such as Rendezvous Hotels and Travelodge.

Through face to face training and industry placements, students become familiar with the practicalities of the hospitality industry from food and beverage services, event management to the strategic management of hotels, resorts and restaurants. Students will learn a range of hospitality skills, how to plan and control a range of hospitality products, control and order stock, promote product and services to customers, maintain the standards of hospitality premises and outlets, maintain business compliance within legislative requirements, develop and manage financial budgets and develop operational plans.


Subject Areas:
  • Manage customer service
  • Manage finances within a budget
  • Lead and manage people
  • Control and order stock
  • Establish and conduct business relationships
  • Coordinate events and functions
At the Operational Level:
  • Workplace hygiene practices
  • Work health and safety practices
  • Work effectively with others
  • Hospitality trends and industry update
  • Serve food and beverage
  • Barista coffee making
  • First Aid Training
At Supervisory Level:
  • Coach others in job skills
  • Monitor work operation
  • Quality customer service
  • Leadership skills
  • Stock control
At Management Level:
  • Compliance within the legal framework
  • Hospitality Budgeting and rostering
  • Establish business relationships
  • Manage operational plan
  • Human resources management
  • Business management
Course Duration
  • 78 weeks (1.5 years) including 6 months or 400 hours of workplace training.
  • Fast Track Option – 1 year (with workplace training to be conducted in conjunction with face to face training)
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Our Vision

To provide a conducive environment for students to learn, grow and transform through quality education and training.

Our Mission

We are passionate about creating opportunities through lifelong learning, to provide students with professional, practical and positive learning experiences so they become competent, valuable professionals, and to maximise their career opportunities and academic pathways in Australia. We help to enrich student’s life experience through community connections by gaining practical work experience in Australia.

Our Values
  • PASSIONWe are a team that is passionate and enthusiastic towards lifelong learning and delivery
  • INTEGRITY: We are a team that is true to our word and operate with absolute integrity
  • DRIVE: We are a team that drive to achieve and advance together
  • BELIEF: We are a team that believe in everything we do and everything we work for unequivocally
  • COMMITMENT: We are a team that is committed to producing extraordinary results for our stakeholders
  • EXCELLENCE: We are a team that strives towards excellence for all our stakeholders
  • RESPECT: We treat individuals with respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment ...
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