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CRN’s E-Learning Certificate Course is an in-depth course in Conflict Resolution skills. Study is undertaken online under the guidance of a trained teacher. The course will usually take 30-40 hours of study to complete. You choose how long your prefer to study the modules and submit the accompanying exercises.
On successful completion students will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Conflict Resolution Network. 

Based on over twenty years of training and developing the most appropriate programs for many different contexts, the course content is current with the latest developments in delivering online adult education. The course has been designed by founder of the Conflict Resolution Network, Helena Cornelius (Psychologist); Helena is co-author of Everyone Can Win and author of The Gentle Revolution.


This elearning course is divided into modules structured around 12 basic skills of Conflict Resolution: 

Win-win approach

How can we solve this as partners rather than opponents?

Creative response

Transform problems into creative opportunities.


Develop communication tools to build rapport. Use listening to clarify understanding.

Appropriate assertiveness

Apply strategies to attack the problem not the person.

Co-operative power

Eliminate “power over” to build “power with” others.

Managing emotions

Express fear, anger, hurt and frustration wisely to effect change.

Willingness to resolve

Name personal issues that cloud the picture.

Mapping the conflict

Define the issues needed to chart common needs and concerns.

Development of options

Design creative solutions together.

Introduction to negotiation

Plan and apply effective strategies to reach agreement.

Introduction to mediation

Help conflicting parties to move towards solutions.

Broadening perspectives

Try to see the problem from a range of viewing points, other points of view and wider perspectives. Respect and value differences. Consider the wider context, the longer term, and reflect on what you can and cannot change


Study is conducted online; a teacher is assigned to each to student for marking questions and comments. Online study means that you can complete course work at any time that suites you. You choose how long you need to take to complete the course. It consists of readings, quizzes, forums and audio-visual material that enliven the learning process. You do need basic computer skills, comfort with reading study materials in English and regular access to a computer – as all the training resources are accessed online.

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The price advertised here includes 10% GST. This is not applicable to students outside Australia and reduces the cost to AUD $135.45 exc. GST
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Our vision is to create a conflict-resolving community in a culture of peace and social justice.

We aim to make CR skills, strategies and attitudes universally accessible. Therefore we offer free training material on our website and most CRN literature can be freely reproduced.
We research, develop and disseminate the theory and practice of Conflict Resolution (CR) throughout a national and international network. Why? Because CR skills build stronger and more unified organisations and more rewarding relationships

Conflict Resolution Network
PO Box 1016, , Chatswood, NSW, Australia 2057
+61 (0)2 9419 8500
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