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10741NAT Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology

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Online / Distance Learning


Certificate III Christian Ministry and Theology.  The Certificate III is the first step in an exciting journey of discovery into the word of God and preparation for ministry.  No study can have an impact on the life of a person as the study and application of the Word of God.  Certificate III Christian Ministry and Theology is the platform that will launch you into a deeper and more exciting relationship with God, the Church and his people.

The Certificate III attracts Austudy, AbStudy and Youth Allowance for eligible Australian students.

The course can be completed in one year as a Distance Education study program; the time frame is a guide only dependent on the student's capacity and the circumstances for study.
There are no formal academic requirements for enrolling into the Certificate III. However, a knowledge of the English language sufficient level to read your preferred version of the Bible is desirable.  An LL&N test may be required to determine eligibility to enter the course.

Within the education system, the Certificate III Christian Ministry and Theology is above the Senior School Leaving Certificate.  It is the first year of formal Bible College study.

Subjects have been selected to establish a sound biblical base and a secure ministry foundation.  Our combination of theology and Elective skills make this the ideal starting point for students who are seeking to develop their skills for ministry.  It is suitable for those students who:

  • Are new to the Christian Faith and wish to learn the word of God;
  • Require Austudy or Youth allowance or other government funding;
  • Are first-year Bible college students;
  • Have little or no ministry or life experience;
  • Wish to complete a “Gap Year” course for students completing high school;
  • Are mature age students who have not been involved in formal studies for a significant period and will benefit from an introductory level of study;
  • Desire to undertake studies for personal benefit and the application of learned truth;
  • Wish to prepare for Certificate IV and above.


Dynamic Christian Foundations satisfies:
CMTTHE301 Research Christian Scripture and Theology

New Testament Survey satisfies:  
CMTTHE302 Identify theological data

The Theology subjects develop a sound foundation for Christian life and work; assist Christians to grow in their knowledge of God and of the scriptures, in the understanding of their faith and in their ability to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.

The elective subjects are appropriate for those who are beginning their involvement in church or ministry activities, for those who are involved in some form of ministry under the direct oversight of a mentor or staff member and are equally appropriate in the secular workplace.

The student will complete the units as follows −

  • 6 Biblical Theology subjects, identified as “CMT” units.
  • 2 Elective units.

Great Words of the Gospel satisfies:  
CMTTHE303 Present information on a theological theme or issue

Old Testament Survey satisfies:  
CMTTHE304 Apply new theological insight

Faith Dynamics satisfies:  
CMTMIN301 Apply theological knowledge to contemporary ethical issues

Clothed with Power satisfies:  
CMTMIN302 Communicate theology in everyday language


BSBWOR301 - Organise personal work priorities and development: Nominal Hours 30 (Organize Ministry Priorities)

CHCGRP001 Support Group Activities Nominal Hours 30 (Assisting in a Church Ministry)


The Theology subjects are presented by a range of Authors including
Dr Ken Chant
Dr Alison Chant
Dr Stan DeKoven
Dr Denis Plant
Harvestime International
A.L and Joyce Gill
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The Internet Bible College is in the online home for Vision Colleges, the most flexible, affordable and legitimate Bible College on or off the internet.

We offer Non-Accredited (VCC) awards from Certificate to Diploma in Biblical Theology.   We also offer  Accredited (VIC) studies,  the Christian Ministry and Theology from Certificate III to Graduate Certificate and Diploma. Our accreditation is with Australian Skills Quality Authority ASQA.   Additionally, we offer  State Approved Degrees through Vision International University and Religious Exempt degrees from Bachelors Completion to a PhD in theology with the Texas University of Theology.  All of our courses can be tailored to meet the individual study needs of the student.

As a college, we are committed to the idea that ALL good ministry stems from a sound doctrinal base that covers as many areas of Christian discipline as possible. To this end, we offer the most flexible, affordable and legitimate delivery options for Bible study on or off the internet.

The college is independent and non-denominational.  We are Pentecostal/Charismatic in flavour.  Our Biblical theology is attractive to denominational and independent churches alike and ideally suited to ministry training as attested by over 150,000 students at any given time in 158 nations around the world. ...

Vision International College
3/10 Redfern Rd,, Minto, NSW, Australia 2566
02 96032077
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