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There is strong evidence linking staff experiences in the workplace to positive clinical outcomes.

All patients are entitled to expect and to receive safe care while in hospital. A hospital or health service organisation that is not identifying vulnerabilities [such as cultural and language backgrounds] in 'the system' and acting positively to either eliminate or reduce the vulnerabilities identified will not achieve its end goal of providing safe and better care to patients.

Better culture means better patient outcomes.


This course has been designed to assist health professionals to understand the importance of good culture and collaboration and their role in enhancing interactions with individuals, their team and the organisation that employs them. Health professionals undertaking this course will analyse their cultural blind spots, practice cultural competence and assess and develop strategies to improve areas of organisational culture within their sphere of influence.

The online course consists of four modules:

  • Module A: Who am I? (Internal culture)
  • Module B: Cultural competence
  • Module C: Organisational and team culture
  • Module D: Diverse nations


This is an online course, which can be accessed at any time.

Upon purchase of the course, you will have four weeks of online access to complete the three modules. The four week period begins from the time of purchase and you can return to the course at any time within the period you are subscribed.
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The Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance (AICG) was formed in direct response to an identified need for healthcare professionals to strengthen their skills in clinical governance to reduce the occurrence of adverse events.

The AICG firmly believes that it is the individuals working in healthcare organisations that hold the power to reduce the occurrence of complications. By empowering these individuals through education, we can work towards improving patient safety and quality care and deliver better health outcomes for the community.
Australasian Institute of Clinical Governance
Level 7, 118 Queen St, Melbourne, Australia 3000
03 9134 0150
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