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Cost: From AUD $165.00

Enjoying visiting Thai restaurants and imagine that you can make these beautiful Thai healthy dishes at home to share with your friends and family? A visit to Otao kitchen Thai cooking school is a must-do and this would be a great things to do in the weekend.  Our Thai cooking master class is 3 hour experience and this will include an introduction to Thai ingredients and its flavours and a chance to prepare and cook your own dishes. Thai cooking lesson also includes refresher, beer and wine and online recipes and end with a communal lunch or dinner consisting of your hard work.

  • A hands-on Thai cooking class experience, with expert Chef tuition
  • Learn the fundamentals of Thai ingredients and flavours
  • How to create the recipes yourself and to your palette
  • Cooking tips, tricks and techniques
  • Intimate class sizes in a fun and social setting
  • A delicious meal celebrated and enjoyed together, toasted with sparkling wine
  • The recipes from your class so you can recreate them at home
  • This hands-on experience lasts for approximately 3 hours
  • Enjoy a complimentary refresher drink on arrival
  • Demonstration of the Thai Cooking Class Recipes by your Chef
  • Tastings, making your entree, mains, salads, desserts
  • Sit and eat together at the end with a glass of sparkling wine
  • Green Curry Making + Thai Dipping Sauce
  • Fish Cakes, Bean and Lime Leaf 
  • Thai Seasonal Salad
  • Green Chicken Curry, Bean, Eggplant
  • Mango Sticky Rice
SOUTHERN THAILAND in Feb Apr Jun Aug Oct Dec
  • Red Curry Makings + Thai Dressing Sauce
  • Tom Yum Goong - Spicy shrimp soup or chicken
  • Festive Rice + Red Curry Duck 
  • Thai Seasonal Salad
  • Thai Tropical Tapioca Pudding
  • Thai cooking classes are a perfect solution for your things to do in the weekend, Christmas Party, Birthday party, Anniversary, Hens Party, Bucks Party, Team Building Cooking, Work lunch and dinner or Corporate event
  • We can organise the Thai Cooking Class or a Thai Cooking Party (with custom menu) at your home or any chosen venue for 50+ people.
  • Please allow a minimum of two days before your event and a maximum of one year for bookings
  • Curry Making + Thai Dipping Sauce
  • Fish Cakes, Bean and Lime Leaf  
  • Green Chicken Curry, Bean, Eggplant
  • Tom Yum Goong - Spicy shrimp soup or chicken
  • Thai Salad - vegetarian or w/ beef
  • Festive Rice + Duck Curry 
  • Candied bananas (kluay naam waa cheuam)
  • Sauces - Fish sauce, soy sauce, sweet chilli, chilli sauce, rice vinegar, shrimp paste, coconut cream and milk
  • Spices - Dry chilli, cumin, coriander seeds, cinnamon, cardamon, slaked lime
  • Fresh spices - chilli, ginger, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime leaf, coriander roots, lemongrass, shallot, pandan
  • Herbs - Vietnamese mints, Thai basil, spring onion, mint, perilla, Chinese chives
  • Vegetable and Fruit - pineapple, spouts, red cabbage, carrot, daikon, cabbage, paypaya, wong bok, mushroom, tofu, iceberg, thai eggplant, mango, banana
  • Meat and Seafood - chicken, beef, pork neck, duck, shrimp
  • Dry Goods and Starch - palm sugar, dry shallot, rice stick, sugar, pepper, salt, peanut (option), tomato paste, dry shimp
  • Vegetarian - suitable for vegetarian as you can design to leave out the meats - add tofu, peanut, mung beans, mushroom
  • Gluten Free you can elect to have no Vietnamese baguette. No substitute available  
  • Dairy Free no dairy product in this menu
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Otao Kitchen Asian cooking experiences are brilliant for a weekend things to do, gift voucher and corporate and private outing. Our chefs focus on Asian cooking classes to make the most of the wealth of local produce from Victoria street Richmond for its Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese and Dumpling cooking experiences.
Perfect your Melbourne food experience by donning an apron and learning a new skill or bolstering your existing cooking talent under the guidance of our professional chefs. Visit us now https://otaokitchen.com.au/cooking-classes/
Otao kitchen
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