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Assertiveness Training: Becoming Assertive


The Assertiveness Skills training session may be custom designed to suit your employees and business. Pictures, questions and material will all be modified to match training requirements and goals. Contact our staff for more details,
This Assertiveness Skills Training is to help teams build cohesiveness, communication level, and assertiveness which in turn creates higher success and results overall. This also increases confidence and assertiveness within an individual leading to better results and greater productivity within the business.
In recent times we have all heard a great deal in the media regarding bullying, if it be at school, work and also home. This session is designed to provide the individuals in your company the knowledge and tools to be able to communicate more efficiently and considerately, ensuring that this is not a problem among your employees.

Assertiveness Skills Coaching Summary
Assertiveness can increase team communication and cooperation. With additional assertiveness many teams can think of new ideas and voice problems that might be arising. Our session is designed around your training needs and time frame requirements. We can also tailor the training session to address any particular issues that may already exist in your office.
We create and customize training in Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Darwin, Brisbane, Sydney, Parramatta, Adelaide, Canberra. To find out more on this training session plus a free custom outline please phone 1300 810 725.


Objectives for the Assertiveness Training
This session will help you train workers:

The Way to communicate assertively
How to recognize incorrect attitudes
The Way to build assertiveness & confidence
Personality Types: Interaction Style
Comfort Zones
Assertive Body Language
Plus much more Designed for Your Team
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Our Business Development Manager offers a strong background of expertise in the Retail Sector, Financial Services, Education, Photography, Manufacturing and Consumer Products as well as considerable knowledge and experience within a variety of other industries.
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