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Certificate in Data Analysis And Reporting - Singapore December 2017

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In-Person / Training
Ended last Dec 07, 2017
USD  1,495.00


Certificate in Data Analysis And Reporting
6-7 December 2017 • Singapore

  • Improved Skills
  • Improved Performance
We support professionals and organizations with business skills development
through hands-on public and in-house training courses.

Learning objectives
  • Know how to use visual effects to improve their reports and presentations;
  • Know how to summarise, present and communicate data clearly and concisely for effective decision making;
  • Practice several Descriptive Statistical analysis:
    • Statistical tools: mean, median, and mode;
    • Trend analysis: variance and standard deviation;
    • Relationship analysis: correlations;
    • Comparison analysis: frequencies and percentages;
    • Univariate and multivariate analysis.
Key Business Benefits
  • Increase participants’ proficiency in number manipulation and analysis;
  • Reading the data from decision making perfective;
Skills acquired
  • Analytical skills;
  • Data handling skills.




Session 1
Fundamentals of Data Analysis
  • Challenges in Data Analysis;
  • Data behavior understanding.
Session 2
Data cleaning and preparation
  • Excel set-up;
  • Using ID variable;
  • Consolidating data from different sources;
  • Cell management: size, decimals, and orientation;
  • Data accuracy;
  • Data completeness.
Session 3
  • Normalization of data;
  • Transposing data from a row to a column (and vice versa);
  • Converting formulae to values (and why you should do this);
  • Using advanced filters to perform the more complex analysis.

Session 4
Statistical analysis
  • Statistical tools: mean, median, and mode;
  • Trend analysis: variance and standard deviation;
  • Relationship analysis: correlations;
  • Comparison analysis: frequencies and percentages;
  • Excel set-up; ǽǽ Univariate and multivariate analysis.
Session 5
Chart and Table Design
  • Tables vs. Charts vs. Graphs;
  • Presenting data graphically;
  • Choosing the correct chart to display your findings.
Session 6
Decision making
  • Defining focal points.
  • Justify decision making from data results.


This part of the learning experience is meant to ensure a smooth transition to the face to face training. Participants are required to take the following steps:
  • Pre-course evaluation quiz - take a short quiz to establish the current level of knowledge;
  • Learning experience - analyze a document presenting guidelines on how to maximize your learning experience;
  • Pre-requisite reading - go through a series of documents to better understand the core-course content.
During this course, different learning approaches will be implemented to stimulate direct and indirect learning, such as discussion activities, case studies, personal assessment, and written practices.

The learning process is not finalized when the core-course ends. Participants are required to take the following steps:
  • Action plan - create a plan for the actions and initiatives you intend to implement after the training course;
  • Additional reading - go through a series of resources to expand your content related knowledge;
  • Learning journal - reflect upon your 3 stages learning experience and complete a journal.
The process is finalized only when you complete all of the 3 stages of the learning experience. Nonetheless, you will receive a:
  • Certificate of Attendance: after participating at the 2 days of on-site training course;
  • Certificate in Data Analysis and Reporting: after you have successfully completed all of the 3 stages of the learning experience.


Nizar Baidoun

Nizar Baidoun is a professional trainer, equipped with more than 5500 training hours in 16 different industries, since 1999. Mr. Nizar has developed vast practical and first-hand experience as a result of training various reputable organizations, to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of their employees and operations, through tailored interventions that best suit clients’ challenges and needs; aligned to local and organizational culture, to ensure harmony and applicability.

Special Offer

Early Birds
1 delegate US $1,295

Standard fee
1 delegate US $1,495
2 delegate US $1,095
4 or more US $995

Organize this training course in-house

If you have a group of five or more to train you can save time and money by running this training course in-house. Use the contact details provided to request a customized offer from one of our training solution specialists.
  • Only 1 promotion can be applied at a time, please see discounts for 2 delegates and 4 or more delegates for price offers.
  • Fee does not include any taxes, levies or charges, all of which shall be borne by the Client.
This course will take place at one of the 5* hotels in the heart of thriving Singapore.

Accommodation is not covered by the attendance fee and it needs to be arranged separately by participants. We invite you to contact the event manager to enquire
about special rates from the venue.

Call us and we will assist you through the registration process.


Dec 06, 2017 - Dec 07, 2017
Wed, Thu 09:00 AM — 04:00 PM
No. of Days: 2
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