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Strategic Cost Management in Higher Education

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Higher education is vital in upskilling the workforce in a global economy and the Australian higher education sector is a major source of export earnings of approximately $20 billion per annum.

Higher education funding has been on the Commonwealth Governments radar for the past three years and changes become a reality in 2019. The time for strategic planning on how to survive and thrive, despite funding decreases, is NOW.

This practical course examines and reviews the higher education funding model to define a sustainable higher education business model. The review ensures all options are considered noting different providers will choose different options to meet their specific needs.

The facilitators experience as a long-term Cost Management Specialist will blend with participant’s insight to stimulate a practical and achievable way forward for each participant to stimulate debate back at their workplace to assist all decision makers plan to survive and thrive.

Enterprise change is never easy. Funding reductions drive change and impact broadly. This course will assist participants and their employers in managing both the change and the impact to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

For more information please contact us on 02 9080 4028 or email us at [email protected]


Day 1

Welcome, Objectives and Revenue Imperatives

  • Ice Breaker and Objectives
  • Competition for Education & Research funding
  • Higher Education for the Real World
  • Stakeholder ‘Return on Investment’ in higher education
  • Government/Students/Business as stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Management Essentials

Sustainability of Higher Education and its parts

  • Historical Perspective – the higher education landscape
  • Performance Perspective- how the sector has performed
  • Innovative Perspective – evolving Higher Education sector
  • Global Economy Perspective – IoT Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
  • Drivers of higher education choice and market share
  • Business model implications of higher education choice

Strategic Cost Management & Higher Education

  • The Higher Education Value Stream
  • Constraint management, Capacity and Target Utilisation
  • Workforce Planning and Labour Management
  • Asset Management and Utilisation
  • Best Value in the Supply Market
  • Features of a sustainable higher education business model

Optimising Funding – Government & Non- Government

  • Revenue drivers – current and future revenue streams
  • Student Profiles and Completion Rates
  • Student Employment Outcomes
  • Business as a customer
  • Research as a revenue stream
  • Assets as a revenue stream

Higher Education Case Study

  • As Is and To Be using the 2019 Funding Formula
  • Quantifying Revenue and Expenditure Outcomes
  • Foreshadowed Operational Implications
  • Case Study Debrief

Operational Impact of 2019 Higher Education Funding Formula

  • Revenue Focus – the prospect to client pathway
  • Change Management – people, process, product, productivity
  • Direct, Indirect and Discretionary Expenditure
  • Workforce Planning and Labour Management
  • ICT investment, Asset Capacity and Utilisation
  • Strategic & Sustainable – mission & competitive advantage
Day 2

Day 1 in Review

  • Operational Impact revisited
  • Strategic Cost Management in Higher Education
  • Market demand and market share

Revenue Risk and Opportunities

  • Pareto Principle and Revenue
  • Revenue Streams – opportunity and risk
  • Business Intelligence, Student Relationship & Marketing
  • Ongoing Education, Loyalty & the long-term student
  • Non-Government Funded revenue
  • Investment in Completion Rates

Cost drivers, risk, opportunity & 2.5% efficiency dividend

  • The Ouroboros Effect, Victoria Bitter and Murray Goulburn
  • Identifying and Selling Value to diverse market segments
  • Raise the Bridge, Lower the Water, Improve the Flow
  • Direct, Indirect & Discretionary Costs
  • ROI and Target Costing
  • Labour & Asset Utilisation

Strategic Planning in Higher Education

  • Internet of Things, higher education and the digital age
  • Understanding the market, & market share
  • Differentiation, centres of excellence & competitive advantage
  • High tech, high touch – optimising the student experience
  • Collaboration and Partnerships
  • Defining a sustainable business model

Higher Education Case Study

  • Sustainable by Design using the 2019 Funding Formula
  • Revenue, Expenditure & Operational Implications
  • Case Study Debrief

Higher Education Sustainable Business Model

  • Marketing Imperatives
  • Student and Customer Experience Imperatives
  • Outcomes Imperatives
  • Collaboration Imperatives
  • Revenue Imperatives
  • Expenditure Imperatives

Workshop in Review & Action Plan

  • Higher Education in the Real world
  • Demand Planning and Strategic Cost Management
  • Stakeholder Management & managing change resistance


John Cleary

John Cleary has delivered solutions as a Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and Africa for more than 20 years. John has worked for many public and private higher education providers and has an extensive client base beyond higher education.

John highly values the higher education sector and its role in equipping Australians for employment in the digital age and driving vital export earnings. He also appreciates the value of strategic planning for the inevitable consequences and disruption of the new funding model.

Special Offer

  • Super Early bird rate $1,895 (save $300). Please see below early bird cutoff dates for individual location, and enter respective promo codes to claim.
  • Special rate $1,676 (per person) when you book for four or more participants, please call us today on 02 9080 4307 or email [email protected] to take advantage of this offer.

Location, dates & pricing

Melbourne // 12-13 Sept 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $1,895 (Save $300). Use code P17GL13ME. Expires by 4 August 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,095. Expires by 25 August 2017.
Standard rate: $2,195.

Sydney // 19-20 Sept 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $1,895 (Save $300). Use code P17GL13SY. Expires by 11 August 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,095. Expires by 1 September 2017.
Standard rate: $2,195.

Brisbane // 26-27 Sept 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $1,895 (Save $300). Use code P17GL13BR. Expires by 18 August 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,095. Expires by 8 September 2017.
Standard rate: $2,195.

Perth // 3-4 October 2017
Super Early Bird rate: $1,895 (Save $300). Use code P17GL13PE. Expires by 25 August 2017.
Early Bird rate: $2,095. Expires by 15 September 2017.
Standard rate: $2,195.

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