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What do you want to learn today?


Are you a beginner horse rider or someone who has lost confidence and would like to start again?

You may be someone who can already ride, but would like to learn more about riding techniques.

How long will my course take?
This course has been designed to be taken part time, over 16 weeks. However, it could take less time if you already

  • have previous experience with horses
  • plan to study for more than 20 hours per week
  • plan to study full time

If you already have previous experience and would like to study full time, this course about learning to care for horses will probably take around a month. Simply let us know if you would like to ‘fast track’ your course!

Of course you may take longer if you like and your enrolment will be valid for up to two years. If you would like to re-enrol for a further two years (no charge), just contact us for updated enrolment details.

Your Graduation
On successful completion of the ‘Horse Riding Lessons’ course, you will receive a ‘Statement of Attainment’ for the unit ‘SISEQO202A Demonstrate basic horse riding skills’

We want you to be qualified in the latest, most up to date courses. If the Training Package changes while you are enrolled we will do our best to change your course into the new Training Package as early as possible. Also, we monitor the latest demands of the horse industry and we will update your course to these demands as early as possible.


Your ‘Horse Riding Lessons’ course outline has 12 different ‘Areas of Study’, with 4 bonus ‘Summary Lessons’ in these areas towards the completion of your course.

Your horse riding lesson areas of study are:

  • Your Ideal Horse – You will learn about the ideal type of horse to ride, depending on the stage of learning you are. We teach you about the best size, sex, age, training, experience, personality of the horse or pony you should be riding depending on your previous experience and confidence. More importantly, we teach you the reasons why you should stick to your ideal horse
  • Preparation to Ride – In this subject, we teach you about grooming including picking up and picking out your horse’s hooves safely and efficiently. You will learn how to saddle, bridle as well as fitting boots and what is absolutely essential to check before you mount your horse.
  • Mounting and Dismounting – If you need to improve your technique mounting and dismounting we show you the correct way and also give you some useful tips that make this task easier. There is also a checklist on the correct clothing and equipment and the reasons these are important and how they can avoid a riding dilemma
  • Aids/Signals – Aids are signals you give your horse to guide them and direct them. We explain the basic aids and define natural and artificial aids as well as discussing the use of leg aids, weight aids, rein aids and when to use and not to use whips, crops and spurs. We look at why your horse may not respond to the correct signals and what to do about it
  • Walk – We don’t expect you wait until the fifth lesson to learn to walk, but by now you are probably ready to learn more about the technical side. All of the subjects about the paces include the sequence of legs (footfalls), the correct aids to ask your horse to commence that pace as well as upwards (going into a faster pace) and downwards (going into a slower pace) transitions.
  • Trot – The trot is a faster pace, and often not as controllable as the walk. As well as the technical bits, you will learn some techniques to use for both sitting trot and rising trot. We also give you some techniques you can use to slow the pace of the trot and keep your horse under control so you can turn and guide them while you are riding at the trot.
  • Canter – This pace can be quite frightening to a rider if they do not have sufficient control. We will show you a few exercises to ‘test’ your horse before you go into canter and some more exercises to maintain control in the canter. Of course aids, transitions and footfalls are also included in this subject.
  • Position/ Posture – For any type of horse riding, if you are able to stay in balance with your horse and decrease the burden on your horse, then your horse will be happier. If your horse is happier then you are more likely to stay in harmony and communicate more effectively and therefore the confidence grows between you and your horse. You will learn about a comfortable position for both you and your horse and why this is the most effective for communication.
  • Riding in a Group – Have you ever heard about a horse that ‘did something for no reason’? Horses always have a reason for re-acting, it is just that sometimes we don’t know what the reason is. You will learn some warning signals that horses may give each other when you are riding in a group and about herd instincts. These is absolutely essential knowledge before you ride with your friends.
  • Confidence Building Exercises – In this subject you will learn some great confidence building exercises both while mounted and unmounted. We have a ‘Tips and troubleshooting’ section for you to either develop confidence for riding horses or to gain that lost confidence for riding. . You will learn what to do when you come across a problem that seems impossible and when you feel that that you have completely lost all your confidence.
  • Ride Your Horse Anywhere – Is your horse a perfect angel at home, but he misbehaves when you take him out? If you ride on the roads, in the open, at competitions or just up and down hills you will gain a greater understanding of the different reasons your horse may misbehave. We will teach you precautions to take in each place to ride so you enjoy your ride and your time out with your horse.
  • Easy Solutions to Common Problems – Riding you horse with confidence is a simple process once you know how. Many of the common riding problems can be easily fixed and we show you the solutions simply and easily. Just think! You can now enjoy the partnership with your horse with the passion you used to dream about!

We need students to participate in our trial, so to encourage you to take advantage of this limited offer we are offering the following bonuses

  • Bonus Summary Lessons – Just to make sure you have repetitive learning, on completion of all the above areas you will be taken to four more bonus ‘summary’ lessons where you will be re-assessed in all the above areas. This will confirm your knowledge about horse riding and have you ready to receive your qualification.
  • Bonus Weekly Tutorials – This bonus is probably worth more than the course itself! How much do you pay now for your weekly lessons? Each week you have the opportunity to come on a teleconference with one of our professional equine experts They are usually with a qualified riding instructor, but they could be with a Veterinary Surgeon, a Farrier/ Blacksmith or another person who specialized in a particular area related to the equine industry. If you have a question about riding or another horse related subject, we can usually answer it in the weekly phone tutorials.
  • Bonus Recordings – We are building a library of recordings of interview with equine experts. These recordings will be available to you free of charge once you enrol in any of our courses. The weekly tutorials are also recorded and you will have access to previous calls with our equine experts
  • Bonus Ebooks – To complement your course and expand your knowledge, we also have a library of horse related ebooks that you will have access to. Many of these horse care ebooks have been written by Specialist Veterinary Surgeons and Blacksmiths/ Farriers.


(Ms) Glenys Cox
Director – Online Horse College (Ausintec Academy)
AHRC Level 2 Horseriding Coach
EFA Level 2 General (Dressage, Showjumping, Eventing) Equestrian Coach
EFA & AHRC Examiner
EFA & AHRC Coach Educator
Workplace Trainer and Assessor
International Level 2 Equestrian Passport
Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education
Master of Education (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Special Offer

Investment Option 1: Full Payment
One Time Investment of $670
Investment Option 2:
Fortnight Payment
$67 fortnightly for 11 fortnights
Investment Option 3:
Monthly Payment
$67 monthly for 12 months
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